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  1. Lucy Skelton says:


    Saturday night was a family birthday, so I made sure to ring late afternoon to order our takeaway for 8pm. I went through the order thoroughly with a gentleman over the phone, especially as some or our guests are vegan – making sure we included orders that were suitable for them. I also made sure of the time of the delivery.

    We have had one takeaway with you before and the food and service was excellent. This was far from our experience this time.

    I rang at 8.15pm as the food hadn’t arrived. It was clear we’d been forgotten. When the food did finally arrive it was 8.45. The excuse given on arrival was that a much bigger and I take it more important order had come in making you very busy. Not a great reason as I take it ours wasn’t deemed as important, even though it was a family birthday and was forgotten or worse just left out? To make matters worse, the order I’d so clearly gone through at 5pm was wrong. Our vegan guests had no rice with their food as the boiled rice had been left out. Also left out was the sag aloo. It was embarr****ing and did affect the celebrations. It’s not a pleasant experience to have to have indian food without rice and also have limited vegetarian options as one key dish had been left out.


    Lucy Skelton

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