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  1. Nick says:

    Please cancel my reservation Monday 8pm table for 2

  2. BaldiSheen says:

    I am not sure what has happened to this once lovely venue as it certainly isnt the same as before.
    When we were instore diners, we were usually served and had eaten our dinner within 90 minutes. On our last visit, it was over 20 mins to be approached and over an hour before the food turned up. Although it was hot and tasty, and also taking into account that these are made within the restaurant, it is taking far too long to be looked after.
    There was a group of 6 who turned up after us were still waiting for their order but after an hour, they got up and left without paying or eating.
    It appears that they are mainly dealing with online orders which is taking precedence over the instore customers.
    I do appreciate that it is not easy to do both but they should either remove the online or provide more staff to cope with the demand.
    My advice is to stay at home and order the food online as you will get it quicker that way.
    Admittedly, it is not quite the same as being in the restaurant but at least you will not be wasting your time waiting for it

  3. BaldiSheen says:

    My daughter and her boyfriend went there last night and again, waited over an hour to get their food. They say it was lukewarm but edible. They enjoy the food though.
    Please wake up and deal with these issues but you lose more customers

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