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Shahi Tandoori
40 – 42 Beaconsfield Road

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Tel: (01273)622322

Tel: (01273)626187


Opening Hours:

Lunch 12.00pm – 2.30pm

Evenings 5.30pm -12.00am midnight

Open seven days a week (including bank holidays)

We cater for parties – please ring to enquire 

3 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Rynd Smith says:


    I ordered from you for delivery to 51 Preston Drove BN1 6LA at 8-10pm on 15 October. The order number was 4295359648 and the cost was £52-00, prepaid by credit card. I got a confirmation email at 8-14pm which estimated delivery by 8-59pm. Shortly afterwards I received a text amending the delivery time to 9-09pm. At 9-20pm I phoned you to check on the delivery and was told that it would be in 10 minutes. At 9-45pm the delivery still hadn’t arrived and I called again and was given another 10 minute estimate. The delivery finally arrived at 10-03pm. I would not expect to sit in a restaurant for nearly 2 hours between placing an order and receiving it. Whilst the meal was OK, this delay is very poor service. I would like a discount credited to my credit card and suggest something in the region of £15.

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